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  • What type of mounting boxes are Lüster switches and sockets compatible with?
    Our products are designed to match the standard European (Schuko™) type mounting boxes (68x68).
  • Does Lüster produce triple sockets?
    Porcelain is rare and robust, but only to a certain extent. It is an unsteady material when still malleable and it has a full-fledged thermodynamic memory. In order to prevent at this stage deformation of more complex forms we have chosen not to produce triple sockets.
  • Do two tokens of a Lüster product look the same?
    The aesthetic value of our products lies in the unique finish of each piece. While plaster moulds grant for uniform designs our switches and sockets are, after all, made by hand, hence all pieces may vary in size and color. These tiny differences increase the value of our products.
  • Do you send products worldwide?
    Yes, we do, but please mind the standards of switches/sockets applied in your country. As stated above, our products are designed to meet the European norms and would only fit in Schuko™ mounting boxes.
  • Are Lüster products certified?
    Yes, they meet all EU regulations and bear the CE badge.
  • Is there any warranty on Lüster switches and sockets?
    Yes, we provide a limited warranty for two years from the moment of purchase. This applies to functional or quality defections, but not to damage caused by incorrect use. More information on the warranty sheet.
  • Can I insert a twin-plate socket or switch in one mounting box?
    No, our twin-plate sockets and switches, just like our triple and quadruple switches are designed to fit in two, correctly aligned mounting boxes.
  • How long does it take to manufacture Lüster switches and sockets?
    It usually takes two to four weeks to complete the process from order to shipment, but please contact us for precise delivery dates.
  • Are there any other glazes that are not on the color palette available?
    We usually work from our current color palette. If you need any other color, we may be able to test it for you. But this will involve some extra costs. Experimenting is our profession, but bespoke finish takes time and money we have to cover.
  • What are porcelain glazes? Are switches and sockets painted?
    They are absolutely not painted. Our glazes are vitreous substances initially in powder form diluted and sprayed on with high pressure, and then fused to the ceramic surface through firing. The final color depends on a list of chemical and physical reactions that take place in the kiln: thickness of glaze layers, temperature, speed of heating and cooling, etc. Using high temperature glazes (designed to cooperate only with porcelain) ensures the quality and timelessness of colors obtained. But please remember, the manufacturing of sturdy porcelain fired at high temperatures is every time a complex equation. This is why shape and color may slightly vary on different occasions.
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